In the news...

What's new in Washington: 

  1. Senator Michael Bennet spoke out this week, calling on the Trump administration to stop ignoring science.

  2. Andy Puzder has withdrawn his nomination for Secretary of Labor. He was one of the President’s most controversial nominations -- four republicans were planning to vote against him amid accusations of violent spousal abuse, misogynistic business practices, and advocating against fair labor standards.

  3. An AP report suggests that President Trump is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants. The president has denied these reports.

Colorado Updates: 

  1. Former republican member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Victor Mitchell, threw his hat in the 2018 Gubernatorial ring. In an interview with the Denver Post, he talks about why he couldn’t bring himself to vote for President Trump.

  2. Boulder Senator Steve Fenberg has introduced a bill to prohibit utilities from charging discriminatory or burdensome fees on customers who want to install electricity storage systems.

  3. Boulder Representative Edie Hooton introduced her first House Bill 17-1015, which would clarify how inmates serving sentences in Colorado's county jails can earn "good-time" reductions in their jail sentences.

  4. • Longmont Democratic Rep. Jonathan Singer's House Bill 1026 would give a homeowner who has taken out a reverse mortgage a longer period of protection against a lender's mandatory foreclosure proceedings after the home has been rendered uninhabitable because of a natural disaster such as a flood or fire.

  5. Representative Mike Foote's House Bill 17-1040 would allow judges to authorize law enforcement agencies to wiretap or electronically eavesdrop on communications during investigations of possible trafficking of humans for involuntary or sexual servitude.

  6. Senator Matt Jones' Senate Bill 17-34 would extend the number of years in which Colorado counties can shift money from their budgets' general funds into their road and bridge accounts to pay for recovery and repair work after state-declared disasters such as floods.

Boulder County Happenings: 

  1. Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is suing Boulder County over its ban on accepting oil and gas permit applications.