2024 Caucus & Assembly Candidates

Delegates to County Assembly will be selected based on each precinct caucus' CU Regent At-Large preference poll.

The candidates for CU Regent At-Large are:

Elliott Hood: Learn More

Charles Johnson: Learn More

Delegates elected to go to County Assembly will vote on these contests:

Note: To be able to vote on any of these contests, or become a delegate, for candidate races requiring them, you must be elected as a delegate at your precinct caucus.

Winners of these contests will be on the June Primary ballot:
County Commissioner District 1
County Commissioner District 2
County Coroner

JD 20 District Attorney
HD10 State Rep
HD11 State Rep
HD12 State Rep
SD18 State Senator

Delegates will be elected in a meeting to attend the Multi-County District Assembly:
HD19 State Rep
HD49 State Rep
SD17 State Senator
CD2 State Board of Education
CD2 US House Rep

Delegates will be elected at the County Convention to attend the State Convention:
US President


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