2024 Known Boulder County Caucus & Assembly Candidates

Assembly & Convention Candidates:

Contests leading to placement on the Primary Ballot:

Note: For contested races, name order was determined by a randomized coin flip.

County Commissioner District 1: Claire Levy
County Commissioner District 2:
Marta Loachamin and Polly Christensen
County Coroner: Jeff Martin
JD 20 District Attorney: Michael Dougherty
HD10 State Rep: Tina Mueh and Junie Joseph
HD11 State Rep: Karen McCormick
HD12 State Rep: Kyle Brown

SD18 State Senator: Jovita Schiffer and Judy Amabile

Contests electing delegates to higher meetings:

HD19 State Rep: Jennifer Parenti
HD49 State Rep
: Lesley Smith

SD17 State Senator:
Sonya Jaquez Lewis 
CU Regent At Large:
Elliott Hood and Charles Johnson
CD2 State Board of Education: Kathy Gebhardt and Marisol Rodriguez
CD2 US House Rep:
Joe Neguse
US President: Joseph Biden

Caucus Candidates:

Current Caucus Candidates: View the 2024 Caucus Candidate Q&A

Delegates to County Assembly were selected based on each precinct caucus' CU Regent At-Large preference poll.

The known candidates for CU Regent At-Large are:

Elliott Hood: Learn More

Charles Johnson: Learn More


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