Caucus FAQ


  • When is Caucus?
    Caucus will be held on March 6th, 2018
  • Where is my caucus location?
    Click here to find out who your precinct leader is and where your caucus will be held. Or, download the full list of precinct locations here.
  • Do we still have a primary?
    Yes! The caucus is the first step in the process for candidates running for an office; caucus is one way they can be on the primary ballot in June. If they don't get enough support at caucus or they don't participate, they can also petition to be included on the ballot.
  • Why do I have to register as a Democrat to caucus?
    Thanks to new laws voters passed in 2016, those who are unaffiliated with a major political party can participate in the party primaries. That does not apply to caucuses; voters must be registered with a party to participate in that party's caucus. The deadline to register as a Democrat to participate in caucus has passed, so if you're not currently a registered Democrat, you won't be able to participate in Caucus. If you've moved, you can change your address to participate in your caucus until February 5th.
  • So what do we vote on at caucus? Why should I bother?
    Caucus is the most grassroots way to participate in the Democratic process. At your precinct caucus, you'll get to know other Democrats in your neighborhood, you'll discuss candidates and issues, and you'll elect people a few crucial positions. (You can also run for those crucial positions!)   

    Democrats vote on two main things at Caucus: Precinct Committee People (aka Precinct Leaders) and delegates to County Assembly. These delegates are important -- through county and state assembly, who you've chosen as a delegate will determine which candidates for offices up-and-down the ballot who participated in caucus make it on to the primary ballot in June.

  • What is a Precinct Leader and why should I become one?
    If you want to build Democratic grassroots power and ensure all voices are heard in your neighborhood, you should run to be a Precinct Leader at Caucus! Precinct Leaders serve as the liaison between the party and precinct. In this role, you'll get to know your neighbors, help get out the vote, and become a member of the BoCo Dems central committee -- the body that elects officers and makes critical decisions about the party in Boulder County.
  • What can I expect to happen at caucus?
    Each caucus location will gather together multiple precincts from neighborhoods across your town. The night will begin with a “plenary meeting” of all attendees which will include speeches from candidates. The large group will then separate into precinct (or neighborhood-area) breakouts where delegates for each precinct will be allocated based on the results of the neighborhood straw poll for gubernatorial candidates. Each precinct will elect between 2 and 8 delegates to the County Assembly. At the County Assembly, those delegates will be able to run once again to become delegates to State Assembly (April 13th - Congressionals and multi-county districts - and 14th - gubernatorial and state-wide constitutionals), which is where races below the gubernatorial will be decided.
  • What can I expect to be different at this year's caucus than in 2016?
    Online caucus pre-registration! This year, for the first time in the state of Colorado, we're implementing an online caucus preregistration system to help expedite the check-in process and cut down on lines.
    So many races, so little time! This year's caucus isn't just about the presidential race; you'll get to have your say on candidates up and down the ballot!





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