Caucus, Assembly, & Primaries 2020

Thank you to everyone who served as a County Assembly Delegate on Saturday. We're excited to share the results! 

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  • Multi-County District Assemblies & CD2/CD4 Conventions: Please check back for updates
    CD2  - Tuesday, April 7
    HD33 - Saturday, April 4
    All others - Friday, April 17
  • Colorado Democratic Party State Assembly/Convention: Saturday, April 18


  • Why are we having a Caucus? I thought we voted for a Primary.
    In the past, we had a Presidential Caucus in Colorado. In 2016, voters passed Proposition 107 and 108, which re-established Presidential Primaries. Therefore, Colorado will have a primary election on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, for the Presidential race! This year, Caucus has nothing to do with Presidential preference! But, we still have Caucus, and it's on SATURDAY, March 7! Though we won't be selecting presidential picks, at Caucus, you'll help pick the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, and other state and local races, to determine which ones will be on the June primary ballot. (Note that some candidates choose to get on the ballot by gathering petitions rather than going through the Caucus and Assembly process.) We'll also begin the process of electing U.S. Senate delegates to County Convention, State Convention, and ultimately the Democratic National Convention.    

  • Where is my Caucus location?
    Click here to find out who your precinct leader is and where your caucus will be held.
  • Do we have another Primary in June?
    Yes! In addition to the Presidential Primary on March 3rd, the Primary for all non-presidential candidates, like U.S. Senate, will be on June 30. The Caucus is the first step in the process for non-presidential candidates to be able to get onto the Primary ballot in June. If they don't get enough support at Caucus, or they don't participate, they can also petition to be included on the ballot.
  • By when do I have to register as a Democrat to attend Caucus?
    The deadline to register as a Democrat to participate in Caucus is February 14, 2020. If you haven't registered as a Democrat by that date, you will not be able to participate in Caucus. If you've moved, you can change your address to participate in your Caucus until that same date.
  • What's happening at the 2020 Caucus?
    Caucus is the most grassroots way to participate in the Democratic process. Each Caucus Supersite location will gather together multiple Precincts from neighborhoods in your area. The night will begin with a “plenary meeting” of all attendees, which will include speeches from candidates. The large group will then separate into precinct (or neighborhood-area) breakouts where delegates for each Precinct will be allocated based on the results of the Preference Poll for U.S. Senate. Each Precinct will elect between 2 and 8 delegates for U.S. Senate candidates. Delegates chosen as Caucus, and then later at County and State Assembly, determine which candidates make it on to the Primary ballot in June. At your Precinct Caucus, you will also elect your Precinct Leaders.
  • How do I become a Delegate for a Presidential candidate?
    To become a Presidential delegate to the State, CD, or Multi-County Conventions, you must become a delegate for a U.S. Senate candidate at your Precinct Caucus. The number of delegates for each Presidential candidate will be based on the results of the March 3rd Presidential Primary. There will no further Preference Polls taken at Caucus, County Convention or State Convention. Again, no Presidential delegates will be selected at Caucus, so you must become a Senate candidate delegate to get to County Assembly, which is where Presidential delegates will first be selected. For more information, please visit the CDP website.
  • What is a Precinct Leader, and why should I become one?
    If you want to build Democratic grassroots power and ensure all voices are heard in your neighborhood, you should run to be a Precinct Leader at Caucus! Precinct Leaders serve as the liaison between the party and precinct. In this role, you'll get to know your neighbors, help get out the vote, and become a member of the BoCo Dems central committee -- the body that elects officers and makes critical decisions about the party in Boulder County.
  • How do I check or change my Voter Registration?
    Please visit the Secretary of State website.
  • Where can I look at the Boulder County Democratic Party draft 2020 Platform?

















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