We are a volunteer-led organization, from officers to precinct workers!

We'd love to have you join the team.

COVID-19 has changed our plans for this election year. Social Distancing has halted all of our planned community events and face to face meetings, but we still plan a vigorous effort supporting Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and general voter education and encouragement.

Email us at: Volunteers@bocodems.org

Get Out the Vote Opportunities:

Sign up to help us GET OUT THE VOTE for 2022!

Current Opportunities:

In the Community

more opportunities coming soon

Officers & Organizer Positions

More information about our Teams & Committees


None Currently

~Teams Leads~

Up to three Team Leads possible

Current number of Leads More info:
Field 2
Volunteer Recruitment 0
IT 2 http://bcdp.co/Leads-IT

Hosting digital meetings (Zoom & Teams), assisting users with technical issues, User & Office 365 administration, and more

Community Events 1 http://bcdp.co/Leads-Events
Platform 2 http://bcdp.co/SOP-Platform
Office 1 https://bcdp.co/Leads-Office
External Communications 2 Social Media, Web development, mass email, and more
~Other positions~
Spanish translations Outreach@bocodems.org
Developers http://bcdp.co/Devs

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