Want to be a Volunteer?

COVID-19 has changed our plans for this election year.  Social Distancing has halted all of our planned community events and face to face meetings, but we still plan a vigorous effort supporting Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and general voter education and encouragement.

Our plans are evolving and if you want to help please join our email list.  (see below)

We organize our work around Teams.  An introduction to our Teams and their tasks may be found here.

If you think you have interests or skills that match our Volunteer or Team efforts, please sign up to our email list.   A short skills/interest questionnaire accompanies the sign-up process.  Be sure to sign up for the volunteer newsletter.

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Questions?   Send an email to volunteers@bocodems.org

Current Community Activities Needing Volunteers

Go to our Decision 2020 Volunteer page

Unsure where to start?

Visit with us during ' virtual office hours'

Volunteer Team member Mike Hart is happy to meet by phone with any prospective volunteer at BCDP Headquarters just about any Tuesday.  Please call Headquarters to arrange a time. (720) 526-2104

Send us an email anytime at volunteers@bocodems.org

Review the Orientation 101 Presentation

We have linked a copy of our Orientation presentation, which contains information about us and what we do.

Go to Presentation here

Open Team Volunteer/Leadership Positions

  • Events Team Volunteer
    Pride Fest, Latino Fest, Creek Fest, and more... We need you! The BoCo Dems prioritize being good community partners by having a presence at events around the community. Whether they're fun community events or other progressive organizations' events, we want to know about them and be there!This is a great position for up to three people who have their thumb on the pulse of Boulder County happenings, like going to fun events and meeting the progressives of our county, or just want to learn more about coordinating and supporting events.
    For the full description, and to apply, click here!
  • IT Team Volunteer
    The primary need is to help with end-user account administration and assistance, including but not limited to management of Office 365 accounts, using SharePoint for document management, and on-boarding of new volunteers and users at BCDP. The administration work is limited to a couple of hours a week, on the high-end, with monthly or quarterly assistance needed at meetings and for on-boarding.        BCDP currently has one IT Lead position open, which includes membership to the Executive Committee (EC) and Central Committee (CC) of the party.   

    For the full description, and to apply, click here

  • Fundraising Team Lead
    The Fundraising Team Leaders, working in a volunteer capacity as the Fundraising Team, serve officially on the BCDP Central Committee (CC) and, thus, are members of the CC and core members of the Executive Committee (EC).2 The Fundraising Team Leaders work closely with the Vice Chair for Capacity Building, who oversees fundraising, including the Fundraising Team, Truman Dinner Team, Century Club Committee,3 and other BCDP teams and committees as directed by the Chair of the BCDP.4 Typically, the time commitment.

    The Boulder County Democratic Party (BoCoDems/BCDP) is seeking UP TO three (3) Fundraising Team Leaders to take responsibility together for fundraising efforts for the BCDP.or the Team Leaders as a group is about 10 hours per week, more or less, depending on events and activities related to fundraising.

    For the full description, and to apply, click here

Open Field Positions

  • Precinct Leader
    Get to know your neighborhood better by becoming a precinct leader! We need two residents of each precinct to volunteer to lead Democratic activities in your area. To check whether o?r not your precinct has two leaders click here. If there are zero, or only one, name(s) under "Your Precinct Leaders", and you are interested in serving, please email field@bocodems.org

Join a Team

  • List of our Teams
    Much of the work of the BoCo Dems is done by teams, and those teams are usually very open to having new members join them. For a list of the teams and contact information click here . Click on the envelope at the bottom of any description to send an email inquiry to the team leads.


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