BCDP Recommends YES on Boulder County Issue 1B — Transportation Sales Tax Extension*:


  • Transportation is a core function of government, and this measure will provide consistent funding for important safety and mobility projects throughout Boulder County.
  • This measure would be a tax extension, not a new tax, so overall tax rates won’t increase from where they are now due to this measure.
  • Boulder County residents are physically active and want to commute by bicycle in addition to recreating, and this measure will improve local recreational path and trail infrastructure.
  • This ballot measure would fund local transit services, mobility services and infrastructure projects representing most major modes of transportation, including roads and bridges, bike lanes, and recreational paths.

For more information on this ballot issue, go to: 2022 BCDP Ballot Measures Guide

*The BCDP Executive Committee voted to support this ballot issue with a two thirds majority vote.



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