BCDP Recommends YES on Ballot Question 3A*:

Rationale — On this ballot issue, there would be six separate amendments to the Charter. This is to remove outdated or unnecessary language in the charter and to “modernize” city operations.

  • Removing a section saying polling places must be open 7 am - 7 pm on Election Day. The ballot text says this language is unnecessary.
  • Allowing the Mayor to use electronic signatures on non-contract documents. Electronic signatures are already allowed on written contracts.
  • Changing the beginning of new Council members’ terms from the first Monday in December to the first Tuesday in December.
  • Moving an organizational meeting held after each municipal election from the first Monday in December to the first Tuesday in December.
  • Allowing City employees who don’t live in Longmont to take part in City retirement and pension boards. Current language says members of other boards and commissions must be electors of Longmont.
  • Allowing the city to approve by ordinance procedures for the city to enter into low- or no-cost agreements with other governmental entities use of buildings, equipment, or facilities, and for furnishing or receiving commodities or services.
  • Removes gender-specific language from the parts of the Charter specified in this ballot measure.

Those in favor believe that amending certain sections of the City’s Charter would modernize and streamline City operations.

For more information on this ballot issue, go to: 2022 BCDP Ballot Measures Guide

*The BCDP Executive Committee voted to support this issue with a two thirds majority vote.



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