ReOrg 2021

Saturday, February 6th ~ 10:00 am


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The purpose of the biennial reorganization meeting is to elect Boulder County Democratic Party (BCDP) officers, ratify the BCDP bylaws, review the Audit Committee report, establish a Vacancy Committee, and conduct other business as needed. In addition, officers of each election district wholly contained within Boulder County, and bonus members to the Colorado Democratic Party Executive Commitee (EC) and Central Committee (CC) are elected. All BCDP PCPs, PSPs, ACs, Boulder County elected officials, and others who are members of the BCDP Central Committee should attend the ReOrg meeting. 

Central Committee members include: All PCPs, Elected Officials in Boulder County, Officers of all District CCs, Team Leads, and other members appointed to the BCDP EC.

Information about the ReOrg Meeting:

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