Candidate Resources

Assistance could include:

  1. Educational materials and resources  
  2. Reference sources  
  3. Display of campaign literature at Party Offices and at public events  
  4. Short term, limited storage at Party Offices  
  5. Meeting space in Party Offices (subject to availability & equitable use)  
  6. Technology training  
  7. Name, address, precinct number, and phone number for Boulder County Democrats Central Committee members and Boulder County Assembly delegates and alternates, when available. 
    • Per email thread with CDP on 3/16/2020 email address can NOT be provided
  8. Posting of campaign events such as candidate forums, fundraisers, and meet-n-greet events on the BCDP website events listing and/or BCDP social media. 
    • Opportunities to post campaign events will be made equally available to Democratic candidates in a contested primary election.  
    • The content of such postings shall not exceed 150 words and shall only contain information about the event itself, with the exception that the posting may also contain a link to the candidate's website.  
    • The following disclaimer must also appear on the posting for a campaign event in a contested primary but shall not be included in determining the 150-word limit:
      “This posting is a service provided equally to all Democratic candidates in a contested primary and does not imply BCDP endorsement.” 

Assistance will not include:

  1. Access to the BCDP volunteer database  
  2. Access to lists of BCDP financial contributors  
  3. Use of BCDP office supplies and equipment such as printers, copiers, or computers which might involve significant expense to replace, are not reusable or have a reasonable risk of damage  
  4. Use of BCDP volunteers working at Party Offices or events 
  5. Access to VoteBuilder/VAN
  6. Incidents of use of unauthorized information or Party resources including the items listed above may cause immediate withdrawal of BCDP assistance. This decision may be appealed to the Executive Committee at its next meeting.

The Boulder County Democratic Party maintains strict neutrality for all registered Democratic candidates in contested Primaries and will avoid any appearance of favoritism. All officially filed candidates, who agree to participate in the BCDP caucus/assembly/convention process, shall be treated equally until the conclusion of the nominating assembly/convention. All candidates, who are eligible for the primary ballot, shall be treated equally from after the assembly/convention until the nomination process is completed (or in the case of an uncontested primary, after the primary election’s filing deadline). Only the Party’s official candidate will be provided further assistance.  

To request assistance, please email

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