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For those interested in working on the 2024 platform, please email platform@bocodems.org or show up to our next meeting at Boulder County Democratic Party Headquarters. View meeting dates on the Boulder County Democratic Party calendar.

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2022 BCDP Platform

Action Plank Brief Summaries

  • Civil Liberties
    All persons must share equally in the rights of freedom of speech, expression, press and religion. Corporations are not people.
  • Civil Rights: Diversity, Inclusion and Immigrant Rights
    The civil liberties granted by our Constitution must be equally applied to all persons.
  • Climate Change, Energy Policy and the Environment
    A healthy democracy and a fair and just government are unsupportable without a viable planet and sustainable future.
  • Economic Prosperity, Social Justice and Labor
    Government policies should promote economic prosperity and justice for all.
  • Education
    The highest quality education must be accessible and affordable to all.
  • Health Care
    Health care is a basic human right, serves the common good, and is essential to the health of our nation.
  • Healthy Democracy
    Election, Campaign and Media Reform; Government Ethics and Accountability; Government must be of, for and by the People
  • International Relations and Foreign Policy
    Our foreign policy should reflect our highest principles of freedom, justice for all, equality, human dignity, the right of a people for self-determination, the rule of international law, and the principles stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Immigrant Rights
    Our immigration policies should reflect our belief that diversity strengthens our nation and our communities and that every human being has the right to be treated with dignity.
  • Other Action Planks
    Gun Violence, Domestic Violence

2022 Comprehensive Platform

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