Amy Weinstein


Amy is a Denver, Colorado native, though has lived in the Boulder County since 1979, from mountains to plains. She raised three amazing children, mostly as a single mom, and now has one very joyful grandchild. Amy has been a precinct leader for around 20 years or more and had been happy to contribute a few hours a year for GOTV. She tried upgrading to EC in a leadership role several years ago though couldn’t make it, the life of single mom, and work all blend effectively. In the interim, Amy had about 30 years of other part-time volunteer gigs, some leadership training, various self-employments and finally reached the time in her life where she could contribute even more time to volunteering. She also volunteers with the Longmont Area Dems (LAD). Amy is also an artist, pursuing many diverse and interesting ideas from children’s civics books to abstract watercolors, the occasional political cartoon to collage and photography.

Jake Marsing


Since knocking on his first door at age 9, Jake has been passionate about building community, electing Democrats, and making change happen. A fourth generation Longmonter, he got his start as a volunteer knocking on doors, making calls, and helping run GOTV offices in 2008. Since then, he's been a professional organizer, manager, and consultant on campaigns at the state, local, and federal level. In 2019, he began a two year stint serving the people of Eastern Boulder County as a legislative aide working on issues ranging from oil and gas reform to the national popular vote, all while working through graduate school in education at CU Boulder. Jake has been a longtime volunteer and activist for the BoCo Dems, serving as a member of the Executive Committee, County and State Assembly Delegate, state Central Committee member at various points. He's helped run GOTV, field, text bank, and fundraising efforts for the BoCo Dems, earning the Josie Heath Award for Young Democrat of the Year in 2020. In his role as the Vice Chair for Internal Planning and implementation, Jake continues his lifelong work serving progressive causes by facilitating an open, fair process in the executive committee, organizing caucus and assembly, and working hard to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. In his day-to-day life, Jake is a high school social studies teacher in the St. Vrain Valley. While politics may be a passion, and education a profession, his first and only real love is his wife Becca and young son Theo, who live in Longmont and love spending time together watching football and playing outside, enjoying Boulder County's natural beauty.

Nicolas Novello


Nicolas is passionate about giving back to his community and standing up for what’s right. He has volunteered for various advocacy and non-profit organizations over the years, but is especially pleased to serve as an officer for the Boulder County Democrats. As Vice Chair for External Communication & Community Engagement, Nicolas is accountable for all public relations matters and communications to the media, elected officials, the larger Democratic Party, and the voting public. Nicolas guides and empowers a team of talented volunteers to make this important work possible. Outside of the Boulder County Democrats, Nicolas has a storied career in the marketing and advertising industry with a foundation in technology, management, and law studies. Nicolas is based out of Longmont, CO where he and his partner Amanda tend to two boisterous yet cuddly dogs.

Ann Stewart Zachwieja


As a Boulder County resident since 2007, Ann appreciates living in a community with many progressive and politically like-minded individuals. The Boulder County Democratic Party (BCDP) holds a great opportunity to tap into the wealth of volunteer and financial capacity to power not only Boulder County’s impact, but Colorado’s. Ann partners inside and outside the organization to identify, recruit, and train future BCDP leaders, to support candidates and electeds, and to work with the fundraising team to meet our BCDP financial goals. Ann has been a BCDP Precinct Organizer in her Gunbarrel neighborhood, recruiting volunteers, walking the neighborhood, making calls, delivering literature door to door, and sending stacks of of postcards to encourage voting across the country. With a background in both corporate and startup settings, Ann enjoys creating order from chaos and applying her varied experience to support BCDP’s mission. Ann is outside at every chance, hiking, walking dogs, and taking in the beauty of our wonderful state.

Janet Davis


I served as Assistant Secretary for about a year before being elected as Secretary at Reorg 2023. Before 2016 I was just a voter, but the election of Donald Trump changed everything for me. I started looking for ways to get involved so that would never happen again. In 2018 I attended Caucus and my involvement increased from there. I have worked in the Boulder County Elections Office every primary and election since 2018. I have decades of experience as a paralegal and legal secretary. I have a Paralegal Certificate from the Denver Paralegal Institute in 1991 as well as a degree in education with a minor in English from Louisiana State University. I have also served as the Corporate Secretary for a small business for more than 10 years. This experience serves me well in performing the duties of Secretary for the Boulder County Democratic Party. I am honored to serve as your BCDP Secretary.

Carol Teal


Prior to serving as BCDP Treasurer, Carol served as one of the Fundraising Team Leads for 2 years. During this time, the team implemented an online donor database to provide the infrastructure necessary for an effective fundraising program. Prior to her work with BCDP, Carol was a political fundraiser serving as Executive Director of Lillian’s List in North Carolina for ten years. The mission of this organization was to elect pro-choice Democratic women who were running for political office. It was modeled after EMILY’s List and worked closely with this national organization. In this role, Carol was responsible for filing campaign finance reports with the Board of Elections and preparing financial statements for the Board of Directors. Her other relevant experience includes working as a CPA for several public accounting firms, teaching accounting at the university level and providing seminars to non-profit boards on understanding financial statements. She also served as treasurer for candidates and elected officials in North Carolina. Carol has a master's degree in accounting. Carol is retired and lives in Longmont and loves hiking in the Colorado mountains.


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